Jennifer & Robert. Destination Wedding. Photography by Sarani

Surrounded by their close family and friends Jennifer and Robert finally tied the knot! Bobby proposed on Jennifer’s 31st birthday. They had just picked up their 8 week old Greater Swiss Mountain dog puppy. When they got home Jennifer saw the puppy run under the table with something shiny (it looked like it was in his mouth). So she runs after the dog yelling..”he’s got my necklace! grab him!”, thinking she dropped a necklace or some piece of jewelry on the ground and the puppy was going to eat it. When she bent down to grab the pup from under the table, she realized it was an engagement ring that Bobby had tied earlier around the puppy’s neck that was shiny. Bobby proposed on the spot :-). We had a great time with both of them and their good humor and love shines through all the pictures. Enjoy!


IMGL4293 3 4 5

IMGL4353 6

IMGL4399 8 9

12 11  13 14 15 16 17IMGL4661 20 22 24

IMG_2685 26 27IMGL4243 29 30 3132

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