Jessica & Carlos Dorado Generations Wedding

Jessica & Carlos 01Jessica & Carlos 02Jessica & Carlos 03Jessica & Carlos 04Jessica & Carlos 05Jessica & Carlos 06Jessica & Carlos 07Jessica & Carlos 08Jessica & Carlos 09Jessica & Carlos 10Jessica & Carlos 11Jessica & Carlos 12Jessica & Carlos 13Jessica & Carlos 14Jessica & Carlos 15Jessica & Carlos 16Jessica & Carlos 17Jessica & Carlos 18Jessica & Carlos 19Jessica & Carlos 20Jessica & Carlos 21Jessica & Carlos 22Jessica & Carlos 23Jessica & Carlos 24Jessica & Carlos 25Jessica & Carlos 26Jessica & Carlos 27Jessica & Carlos 28Jessica & Carlos 29Jessica & Carlos 30Jessica & Carlos 31Jessica & Carlos 32Jessica & Carlos 33Jessica & Carlos 34Jessica & Carlos 35Jessica & Carlos 36Jessica & Carlos 37Jessica & Carlos 38Jessica & Carlos 39Jessica & Carlos 40

One thought on “Jessica & Carlos Dorado Generations Wedding

  1. Sarani and her team are in a class of their own! The professionalism, the dedication, and the vision this team has is truly unlike any other. They captured the essence of our wedding perfectly! The videographer did an amazing job capturing all our highlighted moments throughout our wedding. At the end of it all, Sarani and her team became like family, keeping us at ease as the night went on and listening to request that may have became an opportunity for a great photo! There are not enough words or time that can express the amount of happiness Sarani and her team had brought to our family. Thank you for everything! Looking forward to next year for our anniversary pictures!

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