Rachel & Dustin. Beach Destination Wedding. Photography by Sarani

Dustin and Rachel found each other through the miracle of technology and I have to say it was a great job since they are obviously meant for each other. It was not a small task covering their wedding since I knew Dusting was a photographer enthusiast and he timed all the activities so we would be out taking pictures during what we photographers call the magic hour. This worked out great and it paid off big time as the pictures can tell. It was a pleasure working with this couple, and I think their engagement story conveys how much they care for each other. This is one of the most creative proposals I’ve heard so far, so I will use Rachel’s own words:  “Dustin and I play a lot of word games on our smart phone application. One in particular is called Hanging with Friends. When Dustin decided to propose to me he contacted the makers of the game and asked them to help him with his proposal. What they did was create a hangman game special for us where the solution to the puzzle was “MARRYME”. We spent a long weekend at the cabin (it was cold and snowy and romantic) and he sent me the game request. I tried solving it and I turned to him and said “MARRYME isn’t even a word!”. He then got down on one knee, told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and I said “YES!” It was really cute, original and special. ”


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