Cassy & Josh session at sunrise. Photography by Sarani

In Spanish there’s a saying, that those who wake up early, make their day. Specially for photography! The “magical hour” as we photographer call it, it’s that precise moment when the sun slowly wakes up washing out the darkness with a spectacular golden light, like no other.  Cassy and Josh were great troupers willing to wake up really early and have on their best faces since 6am. But it was so worth it! You can tell it’s true love when he is willing to give up his morning golf to take pictures with his lady. Way to go Josh 🙂 Hope you enjoy the pics.

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One thought on “Cassy & Josh session at sunrise. Photography by Sarani

  1. I could not be more happy with these amazing pictures. I can not thank you enough for the patience and time you put into our session. Youre an absolutely amazing photographer!

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