Christen & Rhian. Mayan Riviera Destination Wedding.

Photography: Sarani

This was certainly an emotional wedding. Christen and Rhian are both trained in transpersonal psychology (integrating the body, mind and spirit) and their day was a reflection on how special they are. In the middle of the ceremony Christen, Rhian and the officiant went down to the sea to do a short and private ritual; and as an already tradition, to put their feet in the water. This is because they were nothing more than friends from school, until one day they were at the beach, and when they put their feet in the ocean they touched, and the magic began! Now wedding bells are here and they are both so happy with each other is just contagious. Happy, happy marriage to both!

One thought on “Christen & Rhian. Mayan Riviera Destination Wedding.

  1. Muy buenas!! Se nota el cambio a full frame también!

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