Twameeka & Bruce. Cancun Destination Wedding Photography

Photography: Sarani

Twameeka made a beautiful and sexy bride, love photographing her, and Bruce was hilarious, just so happy and full of energy, you could tell this couple was in love. They met each other on a blind date in their senior year at their respective high schools, back in 2004, and have been together ever since! Wao! Congratulations guys, I predict you will have a long-loving union ahead of you, enjoy the road…

One thought on “Twameeka & Bruce. Cancun Destination Wedding Photography

  1. My husband and I just wanted to rave about how much we REALLY REALLY loved using Sarani and her great team!! When we were deciding on which photographer to use for our destination wedding – it was a difficult decision because there were many to choose from and we were honestly unsure about the quality of work from any of the photographers. PLUS – your wedding day is a day where you cannot re-do over, so that’s why we were really worried about choosing the right one.

    But – we decided to choose Sarani Weddings – and boy are we glad that we made that decision!! We were/are overly pleased with their quality of work. She is truly a PROFESSIONAL at what she does!! Her pictures are very artistic and as she says not ‘posed’. She knows how to capture those precious moments of your very special day. You definitely get what you pay for and we would highly recommend using Sarani if you are considering a destination wedding! The memories that she creates in her photography and videography are memories that will last a LIFETIME!!

    We love you Sarani!!!! 

    ~Twameeka and Bruce Welton
    Married October 5, 2012 at El Dorado Royale in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

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