Hallie & VJ. Cancun Wedding at Azul Beach Hotel

Photography: Sarani

Cinematography: Clara & Jose Luis

On Valentine’s day last year VJ arranged a reservation at the chef’s table in the Lacroix restaurant in PA. Little did Hallie know he had a big surprised planned for her: After the last bite, from across the table, VJ asked her to close her eyes. He said, “Now, I want you to imagine what love sounds like….” his voice got closer, “Imagine what love tastes like”, then he grabbed her hand and said “I want your to imagine what love feels like”…. “Now I want you to imagine what love looks like.. open your eyes”.  As Hallie opened her eyes, he was holding her hand, was down on one knee holding a little box with an amazingly beautiful ring.. he said “will you marry me?” Of course the answer wa a big YEEEESSS and here they were on their special and amazing wedding day. On their ceremony they performed a self uniting ceremony, which is a Quaker tradition, also a circle of meditation and all guests were incorporated in wishing this special couple all the luck, love and harmony they deserve….

This video doesn’t exist

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