Meghan & Jared. Karisma Hotel Destination Wedding

Photography: Sarani

This was a really special day not only for Meghan and Jared, but also for Meghan’s parents and Jared’s grandparent since they all now share the same wedding date! And they celebrated it together. In Meghan’s own words her and Jared were meant to be together: they were destined to be since 1990 when Georgia Tech (Jared’s fav team) and the Unversity of Colorado (Meghan’s alma mater) shared the National Championship in 1990. The signs of destiny continued for Jared and Meghan when the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos played in the Super Bowl in 1999. Fate would finally allow the couple to meet in 2007 when they started the University of Texas Evening MBA program. In 2009, Jared and Meghan were paired during a Negotiation course. Jared’s negotiation skills prevailed when he successfully bargained for his first date with Meghan. The rest was history…

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