Brittani & Travis. Cancun Destination Wedding.

Photography: James

Videography: Clara

Brittani & Travis ere the sweetest couple! they actually got engaged at the same hotel two years before, here’s the proposal story: Travis & Brittani got engaged at the El Dorado Royale on July 30, 2010. Brittani had just taken her bar exam in Oklahoma and was trying to meet Travis in Atlanta to be whisked away to Mexico for a nice week-long vacation. Brittani’s flight got stuck in Tulsa for a few extra hours, thereby missing the flight to Cancun. Travis moved his flight to be with Brittani’s flight the next morning. The first night of their Cancun vacation thus was spent in an Atlanta Airport Mariott. Unbeknownst to Brittani, Travis stayed up late that night in the hotel writing out what he wanted to say when he asked to marry her the next night. When they arrived in Cancun the next day, Travis was acting a bit peculiar all day. He was suddenly very concerned with what he was wearing to dinner that night. He had set up a beautiful candlelit dinner on the beach and had alerted the staff that he intended to propose at dessert. Throughout dinner, the staff kept making comments about the newly engaged couple, and Travis nearly passed out each time a comment was made. Brittani thought nothing of it, as the staff at the resort seemed to assume everyone is engaged or married. After seeing a shooting star fall over the ocean, Travis asked Brittani to make a wish. Unbeknownst to him, she wished he would propose. At dessert, the staff brought out a platter of desserts with a small ring box fashioned from a kiwi and a chocolate syrup message of “Will you marry me?” around the edge of the plate. Travis dropped down into the sand and recited the speech he had written the night before, and Brittani quickly agreed to marry him. Two years later here they are at their wonderful wedding, enjoy the pictures and video!

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3 thoughts on “Brittani & Travis. Cancun Destination Wedding.

  1. The pictures are stunning, and we absolutely love the video clip! It really captured everything so well. Thank you all so much!

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